RED's Vision Statement

To be a compliance based, data driven company maniacally focused on reliability, efficiency, and continuous process improvement that builds best-in-class value for our customers and investors.

Our employees are our most important asset.

Our people are our greatest asset. It is only through the talent and the work ethic of our employees that we can sustain the world-class reliability of our utility assets, serve our customers and generate value for our investors. RED is committed to cultivating and sustaining a diverse workforce. We will strive to hire the most talented people available with a focus on employees with character, integrity, tireless work ethics, and collaborative spirits.

We can’t improve what we don’t measure.

RED is committed to eliminating waste, improving efficiency, increasing productivity, improving reliability, and fostering a culture of continuous process improvement by measuring every aspect of our business. We believe small, incremental changes routinely applied and sustained result in significant performance improvements.

Every aspect of our business is conducted with INTEGRITY.

We treat our co-workers, customers and suppliers with respect and dignity at all times. When we make a mistake, we take ownership. We sustain high levels of professional ethics and company productivity through peer-to-peer accountability.

Environmental Health & Safety Compliance is a strategic imperative.

As a compliance-based company, we are committed to provide a safe and healthy environment in which our employees, visitors and customers can carry out business. Each member of our organization is responsible for health and safety vigilance. We believe that safety starts with proper training and a well-informed workforce. Best-in-class maintenance and robust sustained housekeeping are critical pillars in supporting our health and safety goals.

Developing superior execution skills is a key strategic imperative.

We believe great organizations are able to execute and deliver strategies that produce world-class results. It is the ability to execute efficiently and effectively that separates the good from the great. Superior execution gives an organization an operating system for achieving its highest priorities on a sustained basis. It enables leaders at all levels to create transparency, accountability and true employee engagement, but most importantly, speed of execution that delivers results.

Effective communication helps us build trust and transparency.

Effective communication with our vendors, customers and fellow employees is key to our success. We endeavor to listen well and understand each other before reacting or judging. We seek to exercise high levels of emotional intelligence by always maintaining a calm professionalism in stressful situations. Our customer communications will focus on building transparency, predictability and building trust.

Create excellence through entrepreneurial thinking.

We are committed to operational excellence by embracing industry best practices, unconventional ideas and taking informed risks. We believe that building a great company is about the creativity, speed and effectiveness with which we solve problems. We seek to reward and invest in ambitious employees who are driven by collaboration, initiative and expanding their knowledge. We seek to foster entrepreneurial thinking that transforms vision and ideas into operational and/or economic value.