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Utilities Mechanic – Refrigeration

Rochester, NY

Job Title:                    Utilities Mechanic – Refrigeration

Reports To:                Water Team – Maintenance Utilities Supervisor

Shift Assignment:      Day Shift (M-F 06:00AM – 02:30PM) with after-hours requirements

FLSA:                         Hourly, Non-Exempt

Pay Band:                  Non-Exempt Band 3

Job Description

Summary:  Responsible for maintenance and repairs of Refrigeration generating equipment and distribution systems:

  • Park wide Chilled water distribution system maintenance, repair & testing.
  • Refrigeration Generation & Support Equipment Located in Buildings: 511, 332, 205, 101, 87 & 27.
  • Team assist on all Water team responsible systems both generation and distribution.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain Clear and Consistent Communication relating to the current status, performance and needs of your assigned location with RED-Rochester team supervisor, maintenance planner and operations staff. Ensure all RED-Rochester customer communicated concerns are immediately communicated and appropriately responded to.
  • Assists Maintenance Planner to develop standard preventive maintenance routines to ensure maximum equipment uptime and lifespan is attained for all responsible systems.
  • Assists Maintenance Planner to develop corrective (repair) maintenance job plans as needed to ensure all equipment repairs are completed in a timely basis to maintain all system redundancies for optimum emergency performance.
  • Coordinates with Maintenance Planner, all shutdown planning (routine & emergency) for the execution of maintenance activities to include Customer end-user notifications.
  • Complete all planned maintenance routines for assigned locations, documenting all actions within the RED-Rochester work order management system (MAXIMO®).
  • Complete all assigned corrective maintenance actions, documenting all actions within the RED-Rochester work order management system (MAXIMO®).
  • Assist with any Plant Overhaul, Upgrade or Modernization Activities being completed within assigned locations.
  • Supervise any outside Contractor executing work within your assigned work location to ensure compliance with RED-Rochester safety policies and that the RED-Rochester standards for workmanship are maintained.
  • Work, as needed within the larger team structure for Red-Rochester major emergencies or catastrophic failures.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of Health, Safety, Environmental, Safety procedures as required for the execution of assigned work duties.
  • Complete appropriate record keeping for numerous governmental agencies is up-to-date and accurate (ie: DEC, EPA, etc)
  • Maintenance duties will include, but are not limited to unit/plant cleanup, refrigerant handling, leak checking/repair, and other repair work associated with responsible equipment.
  • Optionally, may be asked to qualify and stand day shift operations Refrigeration/ Water route watches in support of the Operations Department, during staff emergencies. May also be qualified to start and stop equipment as part of daily activities while working with the team.

Equipment Competencies, but not limited to:

  • High tonnage (250 to 3200+) Refrigeration (Chill-water) Generation equipment both Electric and Steam Driven (R11, R22, R134a, Ammonia based). Associated support equipment including to: Evaporative Cooling Towers, Lubrication Systems, Various Pumps and overhead transmission Systems, Various Chemical Injection and management systems.
  • General Utilities Equipment: Heat exchangers, surge suppressors, vacuum breakers, air compressors, air dryers, valves and piping systems.
  • Installed Overhead Cranes, Fork Lifts, Walkies, Man Lifts, Load Leveling systems

Soft skills Competencies: 

  • Excellent and Clear Communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently or within a team environment.
  • Demonstrated Mechanical system aptitude and abilities
  • Demonstrated ability to read and comprehend blueprint or Autocad® based system drawings.
  • Demonstrated conceptual and practical trouble shooting skills
  • Ability to follow procedures, work instructions and safety/environmental regulations
  • Ability to read and understand prints and drawings that pertain to all systems

Education and/or Experience:

  • High school diploma/GED
  • Applicable Associates or Bachelor’s degree preferred, but not required.
  • Demonstrated ability (minimum 48 months), working on and repairing Large Production Chillers (Centrifugal and Others).

Qualifications or Licenses:

  • Must have an EPA Section 608 Universal Refrigeration License.
  • Must maintain required safety operator licenses, as needed for fork truck, man lift and scissor lift (Employer Provided as required)
  • Must maintain OSHA 10hr certification every 2 years.
  • Must maintain OSHA 30hr certification every 5 years.
  • Must obtain and maintain NYSDOH Backflow Preventer Testers certification.
  • Must obtain and maintain NYSDOH Grade D certification within 12 months
  • Must obtain and maintain City of Rochester, Refrigeration R-4 license within 2 years.
  • Must have an unencumbered valid NYS drivers’ license

Work Environment

  • Industrial environment
  • Working outside in all weather conditions including down in trench dig holes
  • Possibility of temperatures ranging from extreme cold to over 100 degrees.

Physical Demands

  • Position requires strenuous effort, climbing, and crawling to accomplish equipment isolation and movement of material
  • Lifting and carrying of a variety of equipment weighing up to 50 lbs is sometimes necessary along with moving large valves and piping weighing more than 50 lbs
  • Potential to enter manholes underground (Confined spaces) and the Utilities tunnels